FEATURES for users

What Psono offers to the user.

1Client Side Encryption in your browserread more
2Multilayer Transport Encryption with TLS 1.2 and Salsa20read more
3Encryption at Rest of all sensitive informationread more
4Server Pinning of the server key
5Autofill of all login forms
6Basic Auth gets handled automatically
7Password Syncing across devices
8Password Sharing securely between users
9Multifactor Authentication with support for YubiKey and Google Authenticator
10Open Source and public available
11Multi Account Support for websites
12Password Generator for random passwords
13Password Strength Report to audit your passwords
14Secure Notes to store other information
15Bookmarks as a cherry on top
16Multi Browser Support for Firefox and Chrome
17Password Capture adds old passwords on the fly
18Mobile Support with a responsive design
19Password Export for all stored secrets
20Password Import for Chrome passwords and other password managers
21Copy to Clipboard function
22Groups of users and shares for RBAC