Key Features

What makes this password manager secure.

Multi Encryption

Multi level encryption starting with a client side encryption layer, allowing true end to end encryption for password sharing, followed by SSL and storage encryption

Open Source

Transparent public audit possibilities of the complete code. Security comes with correct encryption and not by hiding security flaws.

On Premise

The possibility to host the server on your own grands you even better access control possibilities. In addition you are independent and do not have to rely on public services.

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A list of all our Features

What Psono offers to the user.

Client Side Encryption

in your browser (more)

Multilayer Transport Encryption

with TLS 1.2 and Salsa20 (more)

Encryption at Rest

of all sensitive information (more)

Password Syncing

across all devices

Multifactor Authentication

with support for Yubikey, Duo and Google Authenticator

Password Generator

for random passwords

Secure Notes

to store other information

Password Capture

adds old passwords on the fly

Mobile Support

with a responsive design

Copy to Clipboard

allows usage for normal applications too


of users and shares for RBAC



Server Pinning

of the server's key


of all login forms

Basic Auth

gets handled automatically

Password Sharing

securely between users

Multi Account Support

for websites

Password Strength Report

to audit your passwords


as a cherry on top

Multi Browser Support

for Firefox and Chrome

Password Export

for all stored secrets

Password Import

for Chrome passwords and other password manager