Version 1.1.14 released

Psono was just released in version 1.1.14. This sounds like a minor version, and doesnt reflect the work that was necessary behind the scenes to accomplish this as it brings an incredible new feature: Groups

Group feature in Psono

Odoo CMS - a big picture

New Group Feature

With this feature everyone has the possibility to create groups of people (friends, co-workers and so on) and share multiple passwords (or folders of passwords) with multiple people (based on those groups) at once. RBAC (Role Based Access Control) is possibile together with a very granular rights concept with features like right inheritance.

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What is holding you back?

Behind the scene alot of work needed to be done on the access rights concept and the cryptographic workflows to allow the same secure sharing possibilities like normal user based shares.

Thanks also alot to the people who provide continues feebback. That is very valuable to us.