Recapitulation of 2018

What did we accomplish 2018

The year of 2018 was a great success for Psono. For all that are new to Psono:

Psono is a password manager for teams and the paranoid. You can host it yourself easily with docker and its open source. It has features like password share, client side encryption and lot more. 

A lot of cool new features have been released in 2018:

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Security Report

We began the year quite powerful with the new security report feature. It allows users to check their passwords against a huge database of leaked passwords with more than 5 billion accounts.

Duo Two Factor Authentication

The second notable feature that was introduced in 2018 was Duo's Two Factor Authentication. This feature extended the range of possible two factor providers from Google Authenticator and YubiKey with Duo Two factor.


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PGP Support & E-Mail integration

With Psono its now possible to generate, import, store and share PGP keys and use them on the fly with web email hosters (e.g. gmail, outlook, yahoo) to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Like always all your PGP keys are encrypted before they are stored on the server.

Offline Mode

People were asking about a way to access their passwords when offline. To solve this problem we added the offline mode, that will download all passwords and store them encrypted with an "offline mode password" in your local storage.

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We have added the support for translations and with the help of some generous contributors were able to translate Psono into 7 languages. Next to English and German we support now Spanish, Italian, Russian and some more.

Emergency Codes

Its important that your passwords are secure, yet in some cases you want that others may be able to access your passwords. e.g. an injury abroad or you passed...

 Then it would be nice that parents or your wife can access your passwords. With emergency codes this is possible. Someone can request access to your account will get access after a set amount of time. You will be informed when the code is "armed" allowing you to delete the emergency code before it grants the holder any access.

All backend by modern cryptography, so only the holder of the code can actually access your passwords.

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API Keys and Callbacks

Its now possible to access psono on the command line with simple curl commands. This allows you to integrate basically in any application, so upon start the application could just load its database password from psono.

Callbacks on the other hand are another neat feature, allowing you to get push notifications whenever a specific password changes and for example reboot the application so it fetches the new updated secret.

And a lot more...

... that have not made it into the list. For a more complete list of our features, check out our feature overview:

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