now powered by Odoo


After now a couple of days migrating everything from our original version of (powered by Wordpress) to a new CMS, we are happy to announce that it finally happened. 

The reasons behind the move are related to our plan to monetize Psono. I know that everybody now has mixed feelings about this, but I can only assure you, that the open source commitment stays the same. The only difference that we plan to introduce, are an enterprise version for bigger teams. The exact details are not yet set in stone, but the current idea is similar to what you can find on version comparison section:

  • Free open source version

  • Free enterprise version for small teams

  • Small fee for bigger versions

  • All open source features stay open source

  • LDAP and audit logging for our enterprise version (I assume noone would miss them in small environments anyway)

The new version of allows us later to implement User registration and license management together with all invoice / tax related issues.

We have put in quite the effort to migrate all existing pages and content to the new Odoo version, without breaking (hopefully) old links.