now protecting Psono

Vulnerability scans of all Docker images

We are proud to announce, that has offered their PRO plan, free of charge to Psono. They perform deep analysis on docker images to scan for CVEs across multiple software artifact, including distro, npm and python packages.With its possible for us to define now strict policies to meet our security and compliancy goals.

Slick User Interface

Odoo CMS - a big picture


A beautiful comprehensive UI offering detailed information about your image and security status. data inputs's engine receives its data from multiple sources. Covering all common distros (CentOs, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu).

In addition they crawl various CVE databases and can scan for vulnerabilities in the packages of the distros themself and npm, ruby and python artifacts.

Odoo text and image block

Thank you!

We cannot emphasize this enough. We are happy that anchore helps us to provide a our software package as secure as possible!