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You are a Coder

Wonderful. We are looking always for people who want to help us shape Psono.There are a ton of features that currently lack a guiding hand. From small bugfixes, to amazing big features. An overview of potential features can be found onGitLab
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You are a Designer

Various UI elements have been implemented so far and lost their glamor along the way. Do you want to give Psono a new face or just a minor facelif? We encourage you to do that!
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You are a Writer

Extremely welcome! We love to read about us :), your experience and whatever your thoughts are. Feel free to drop us links to your articles and be sure that we will read it.
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You are a Security Enthusiast

Security is one of the major points that Psono should do right. We happily invite you to take a look and play around with it. Try to break it and let us know if (when) you succeed.
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You are a Software Producer

If you have a product that would help us making Psono even more awesome, then we welcome your support! All products, especially security products and auditing software are extremely helpful.
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You are a Donor

Running Psono costs a fair amount of it every month. Users on enjoy a free service and we would like to make sure, that it stays that way. Also some features have not been implemented due to costs (Loadbalancer, staging environment, ...)
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Looking for more information?

Check out our documentation!