How to protect your account with Yubikey OTP

We love Yubikey. They are one of the easiest way to protect your account against week nad even stolen passwords. We strongly recommend setting up such a 2-Factor Authentication to protect your account. Once you call yourself the proud owner of a Yubikey, follow the guide below. We advise you to setup always two Yubikeys, so you always have a spare one, that you can use in case your first Yubikey gets lost.

1) Login into your account:

2) Go to “Account”:

3) Select the “Multifactor Authentication” tab:

4) Click the “Configure” button next to Yubikey OTP:

5) Click the “New Yubikey” tab:

6) Type in some descriptive text to identify your yubikeys later:

7) Put your cursor into the next box and “touch” your yubikey:

Well done, your first yubikey is now active. We strongly recommend setting up a second spare Yubikey, that you can use if you ever lose your first one.

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