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Privacy Policy:

Your privacy is important to us. Psono follows some fundamental principles:

  • We do not ask for any information that we do not really need
  • We do not share your information with anyone except to comply with the German law, protect our rights and develop our product.
  • No sensitive data like your passwords will ever leave your computer without being encrypted before

Your personal data is processed by us only in accordance with the German data privacy law. The following passages describes the type and purpose of the use of the gathered personal data. This privacy policy only applies to “psono.com” and no other linked domains.

Personal Data

Any data (name, address, billing information, IP-address, …) is only used to fulfill the service and without a legal basis or your explicit consent, not given to any third parties.

Psono collects personal-identifying information like for example the IP address while using our service, to ensure the service availability and to protect your account. Psono may use that information for statistical analysis and may display this anonymized statistical analysis publicly or provide it to others.

Account holders in addition must specify some additional information during registration, like for example their e-mail address. That information is used to prevent service disruptions and to inform users about security relevant information.

Browser Storage

For technical reason (login, sessions, ...) we are using browser storage (e.g. cookies, local storage, ...), which stores data in your browser.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics (GA) (by Google Inc), to analyse customer behaviour on the website. GA for that reason uses cookies to identify and track users and user behaviour. GA offers the possibility to opt out of this data collection by installing a browser plug-in here: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en Psono uses the GA's "nonymizeIP()" function, to truncate IPs before processing them to prevent direct associations to persons.


This website offers the use of YubiKey OTP for multi-factor authentication. When using this feature the server will send your OTP token to the Yubico Validation Service to authenticate your token.


This website also offers the use of Duo for multi-factor authentication. When using this feature the server will register a user with your username with duo at the beginning. Later when you use Duo (e.g. during the login process), the server will send requests to the Duo service to identify you with them and protect your account.


This website is using Mailgun as a service to handle all e-mail traffic, that includes registration emails, support emails and potential security notifications.


This website uses Freshdesk to handle support requests. Whenever you are opening a new ticket, via email or support form it will be processes by Freshdesk including all information that you may provide in the process (IP, email address, all data of your support request, ...).

Google Cloud Platform

This website is hosted by Google on the Google Cloud Platform. Google itself has the highest standards of privacy. Yet as the platform provider, Google has access to all information that the application itself has access to (e.g. your ip, email address, browser information, ...).
More information about how Google handles informations and what measures have been applied can be found for example in Google's Terms of Service and Google's Data Processing and Security Terms

Psono may update its privacy statement from time to time and we encourage everyone to check regularly. It has last been updated March 24th, 2018.


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